Russ and Diane Kraines with TeachBeyond

Russ is European Regional School Services and Teacher Education Coordinator and Asia Regional Informal Education Services Coordinator. Diane is Director of Informal Education Global which overseas the global work of TeachBeyond’s Camps, Language centres, Music Services and Entrepreneurship Education. For more information about TeachBeyond search here

JENN CONVEY w/ Teach Beyond Transformational Education Services
Jenn works as a part-time administrative assistant for the Director Of Informal Education (Diane Kraines) with TeachBeyond Transformational Education Services. She telecommutes from home, writing newsletters, attending meetings via video calls, and performing other tasks that enable the Director to focus better on existing and developing projects.
PETER AND DIANE WHITMAN for Gogo Children’s Feeding Center
Gogo Children’s Feeding and Learning Center is located in Gogo Village Malawi. What began as a conversation between Peter Whitman in the United States and Pastor Daniel Masanduko of Gogo continues as a growing ministry. The two men believed the Lord was calling them (and their spouses) together to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Gogo village. The elderly also benefit from projects in Gogo to fulfill the call of James 1:27 (Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.)
 Pastor Daniel’s church (Jesus Outreach Church) and Peter’s (First Baptist Church of Narragansett, RI) stepped forward to assist in these efforts.
Mercy Rogers Monjeza of Blantyre Malawi was brought on as the project coordinator in November of 2017 as the program began. Peter and Diane Whitman traveled to Gogo village in March of 2018 as many of the projects started.
Projects include: Building of a new church which also serves as the feeding and learning center; Drilling a new bore hole well for water; Starting and maintaining a feeding program for vulnerable children (averaging over 120 per day as of August 2018); Starting a nursery school for children under 5 years old.
To Give to the Gogo Feeding Center you can write a check to First Baptist Church Narragansett and write “Malawi” in the memo line OR CLICK HERE to go to ONLINE GIVING OPTION and choose Malawi in the drop down menu.
  Paul & Lucinda arrived in Bolivia in January, 1984. They were involved in various outreaches including cp in a Quechua area on the outskirts of the city of Sucre and in a couple of rural locations, itinerant evangelism, leadership training conferences in rural areas, teaching at a Quechua B Inst, children’s clubs, establishing a health clinic for low income Quechua people, etc. In 1993 Paul and Lucinda, in conjunction with SIM and NTM, established a SW radio station for outreach to the 2.2 million mono-lingual Quechuas of Bolivia. Paul was AL of Latin America for 8 years, and now is RL of EurAsia/Americas.  
  • They serve with Crossworld in Quebec in a multi-cultural French church in Verdun on the island of Montreal.  Their region is a mosaic of cultures and religions.  For example, in the neighborhoods around Verdun in recent years, two traditional churches were bought by Buddhist groups and one other hosts a Sikh association.  In their area of Montreal there are about 120,000+ French-speaking people and few conservative evangelical French churches. One of the challenges of ministry in Quebec is accompanying first generation believers (and pastors) who do not have a Christian heritage in their family or culture.
  • Their vision in serving with a French-Canadian pastor, is to share the Gospel and disciple believers primarily through the ministry of the Verdun church and also on a secular campus and in the city.
  •  Barbara’s ministry is with ladies, children and helping with the local CEF mailbox club.
ELLIE H Wycliffe in Southeast Asia
 Ellie is studying an unwritten minority language, working towards the development of a written language for a people who have requested a Bible translation in their own language.  Ellie also works with literacy workshops.  
 Larry and Linda J serve with the Seed Company, Arlington Texas. In 1980 they began their service overseas in Indonesia, and were assigned to facilitate a translation project among the Y people. Since 1992, Larry has served in leadership, first directing the work throughout Indonesia and then for nine years, throughout all of Asia. Meanwhile Linda worked with a Y co-translator, Mandowen, to continue the translation and literacy program among the Y people. They finished the translation in 2010 and  published a NT in 2011. In August 2008 Larry and Linda began a new international assignment focused on the strategy of helping local people to translate Scriptures into their own language. Larry is the Director for Field Programs, overseeing the start of several hundred new translation projects through-out Asia, Africa, and Latin America in the next few years. They are based out of Arlington, Texas. Larry and Linda have three children—Nathan (married to Charity), Caleb, and Charis (married to Joshua).  
 Description of Ministry: Help college students to become passionate followers of Christ by mentoring and coaching student leaders on several campuses who, in turn,: • Engage fellow students in the scriptures to discover Christ • Disciple fellow students life-on-life to love and follow Christ In addition they serve on a team of Navigator staff who oversee the Navigator collegiate works throughout New England and New York.  
 David and Kathryn joined World Team in 1978. They left for France in 1981 where they are involved in full time church planting. There were two small evangelical churches when they arrived in Cergy-Pontoise, a “Ville nouvelle” situated 25 miles North West of Paris. During their 16 years of ministry there, God used them and their team to start two new churches. They are mature churches today with French pastors and national leadership in place. During a period of 5 years David and Kathryn ministered at Black Forest Academy in southern Germany. Apart from their responsibilities as dorm parents, they began a pastoral care program for the dorm staff which was adopted by the board of directors as an important and necessary on-going ministry. In the fall of 2002 David and Kathryn returned to France to begin a third church plant in the Oise.  
 European Christian Mission Church planting in Bavaria, Germany Teaching at Evangelical Bible Seminary in Poland Teaching at several Bible Schools in Germany   
 Dennis and Sara Williams minister as urban cross-cultural missionaries with The Navigators’ U.S. Metro Ministries in the greater Detroit area (4.5 million people, over 70 major ethnic groups, the U.S. city with the largest population of those from Middle-Eastern backgrounds – over 200,000).  
 CareNet-Rhode Island is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  They offer pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound imaging, options consultation, one-on-one mentoring, childbirth and parenting instruction, material support, abstinence education and a post-abortion recovery program.  35 Greenwich Street, Providence, RI  02907 ALL of their services are FREE. Website  
 Vision: To reach 100,000 RI children with the Gospel Mission: We exist to bring the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to the 80% of Rhode Island children, ages 4 to 14, who will never set foot inside the doors of our Rhode Island Churches. Purpose: To evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.
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