Bible Reading Plan 2021 (BRP 2021)
Here is the Introduction to the 2021 Bible Reading Plan with 2 Timothy 3:16-17 Rubrics Handout: 
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Our Bible Reading Plan kicks off with a sermon on January 3rd and a Launch afterwards where some support materials will be shared. To help keep everyone on track we are creating a weekly e-mail/blog post  to start each week. Consider this your place for weekly support for your goal of reading through the Bible with your church family in 2021. You might not feel the need for it right away, but once further along on this journey you might appreciate a weekly check-in, so you don’t lose that New Year’s momentum and motivation. We’ll be here!

Here is what you can expect in this weekly blog post- beginning January 4th.

  • What We’re Reading this Week: Just a reminder of the scripture to be read at your own pace to be completed by Sunday’s sermon. This will be linked to BibleGateway for your convenience. BibleGateway is a great resource for parallel Bible reading as well as access offering multiple translations, commentaries, and audible Bible options.
  • Thoughts to Consider: Each week, there will be a couple of questions offered from Pastor Caleb for us to consider or reflect upon as we read.
  • A Prayer for the Church: Here will be a scripture-based prayer to personalize and pray in your own quiet time. These prayers will allow for reflection as well as opportunity to go deeper in prayer for the church.

Occasionally the following will be featured as we go through the year:

  • What I’m Discovering…” Throughout the year we will have the opportunity to see what God is showing us as we go along together in this new adventure. Individuals will be contacted through the church office and invited to share what God is showing them as they participate in this All-Church Bible Reading Plan, specifically what they are learning about God, themselves, and the Body of Christ in this endeavor. All sharing is voluntary not mandatory! Honest sharing will be welcomed, whether one is struggling to keep up, or one is doing well in the scheduled reading. This will allow us all to remember that we are on the same journey, but each may have different obstacles and challenges. Mostly sharing our journey encourages unity and compassion. And don’t we all want more of that as a church?
  • A Practical Tip for your Journey: A simple, practical tip for your reading plan success to try out in your own quiet time journey this year.