Faith Is A Two-Step

There is a common storyline in Scripture: the two-step of faith. Many times in Scripture God asks someone to step out in faith, and as a result God helps them to take a second greater step of faith.


Last week at our Wednesday prayer meeting, we looked at the story of John 4:46-54. A man asks Jesus to heal his son. Jesus tells the man to go home, because his son will live. In verse 50 it says that the man believed what Jesus said and went home. When he found out that Jesus had healed his son, it says in verse 53 that the man believed. His second step of faith must have been deeper, stronger, and more permanent than the first. First, the man takes a hesitant step of faith in response to the word and promise of Christ. Then when he sees the word and promise of Christ fulfilled, his faith deepens. It’s a two-step.


Abraham, as we have been seeing in church, is another example of multiple steps of faith. In Genesis 12, Abraham initially steps out in faith in response to the words and promises of God. Then throughout the rest of the life of Abraham, his faith is rewarded by God repeatedly reaffirming the promises to Abraham. With each step of faith, there is a reaffirmation followed by a further, greater step of faith by Abraham.


So are you feeling weak in faith? All God expects is for you to take the first step in response to his word and promises. And then when you see him at work, you will be able to take that second, deeper step.

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