It’s Alive!


It’s Alive!


These days we are very aware of how different people have very different religious views. We are also very aware that even Christians differ widely in what they believe, and these differences are usually derived from differences in Christians’ understanding of Scripture. If people disagree on how the Bible is to be understood, how can we have confidence in Scripture?


Our confidence in Scripture is not dependent on our ability to interpret the Bible correctly, but rather on the Scripture’s ability to communicate. The Bible is not just a collection of ancient documents that can only be properly deciphered by academics flashing PhDs. It is God’s word to us, and God never fails.


It is God who moved the authors of Scripture to write. It is God who guided their thoughts and their words. It is God who ensured that their words would speak to future generations and cultures. It is God who preserved Scripture throughout the centuries. It is God who has infused his Word with divine power and authority. It is God who illuminates the minds of those who read the Bible today.


The Bible is not just a freeze-frame of God’s communication to people in the past, like an old Civil War photograph or letter. It is a living document. It is not just a record of God words spoken long ago. It is God actively speaking to you today.


This is what it means that when we say that Scripture is God’s revelation. In Scripture the infinite, incomprehensible God continually makes himself known in a way that even dense human beings like us can understand. And that is why we can approach Scripture with confidence.


However, this confidence is not self-confidence. It is faith – trust in God’s desire and ability to speak to us. Since our confidence is in God’s ability to speak and not in our ability to interpret, we approach the Bible with humility and submission. We come to the Bible as listeners – as receivers. We let the Bible speak to us on its own terms, and we let the Bible speak to us with authority. Through Scripture God tells us the truth we need to believe and obey, and we come to the Bible prepared ahead of time to believe and obey whatever he tells us.


Certainly we are all imperfect readers of Scripture. We allow our human weaknesses to interfere with God’s communication. Our sin and ignorance can act as static in the signal. But it is the attitude of faith, humility, and submission which allows us to hear God more clearly. The more we respond to revelation with faith and obedience, the more the static clears.


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