Watch Out For The Second Step – It’s A Doozy…

As described in the previous post, faith is a two-step. God asks us to take a step of faith, and when we do, he will often follow it up by asking us to take a second, greater step of faith. However, it is wise to be aware that the second step can often be such a big leap of faith as to seem impossible.


This was true in the story of Abraham as covered in our last two Sunday morning sermons (2/1 and 2/8). First, in Genesis 12 God asks Abraham to leave his home and live a life as a wandering nomad all because God promises him great blessings and many descendants. Abraham does all that God asks of him.


Then comes the second and greater step: in Genesis 22 God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. This second step seems terrible and impossible. It seems to go against God’s character and all of God’s promises. And yet, Abraham takes the step and is richly rewarded for his faith and obedience.


Another clear example of this is the story of Jairus and his daughter in Mark 5, Luke 8, and Matthew 9. Jairus takes an initial step of faith my coming to Jesus, falling at Jesus’ feet, and begging Jesus to come heal his sick daughter. Jesus responds to Jairus’ initial step of faith by coming along with Jairus to see the dying girl.


But then comes the second step. While they are on the way, Jairus’ servants come to meet them and inform them that the girl has already died. There is no longer any point in bothering Jesus. However, Jesus asks Jairus to take a second, greater step – a step that seems impossible. Jesus asks Jairus to continue to trust him even though the girl is now dead. Jairus does all that Jesus asks, and Jesus raises his daughter back to life.


So, even though you may have taken what you consider to be a big step of faith, do not be surprised if God places you in a seemingly impossible situation and asks you to trust him even more.

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